About Us

About Us

Serving Our Clients For Over 2 Years

WEBIXNET is a leading Web development company in India. Be it internet marketing or custom e-commerce and Application Development for Internet Marketing and Graphic Design, WEBIXNET is your believed accomplice that will give you an incorporated and successful arrangement in one spot.

    We Are A Group Of Professional Developers & Marketing Experts
    Established in 2020, WEBIXNET is an online marketing and web development company partnering with companies of various sizes all around the globe. Our commitment to excellence, our specialty of bringing refreshing ideas with devoted customer service, and fast turnaround times have been instrumental in our rapid growth.
    Our Mission
    Ensure we are the best place to work and the best to work with. Leverage technology, systems, and strategy for creative solutions. Always put quality above quantity. Be driven by our values and our passion.

    The dedication to fulfilling our customer’s needs.

    – 24/7 Hours Emergency Services
    – Professional Developers
    – Affordable prices
    – No hidden costs
    – Discounts to Repeated Customers
    – Emergency Services
    – Guaranteed Work
    – Fast Services
    – Highly Trained Staff
    – Free Consultant


    Save Time & Effort With the Webixnet

    - Fast Working Process

    For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.

    - Dedicated Team Member

    Your digital consultant will also be able to kickstart campaigns and maximise your marketing budget.

    - 24/7 Hours Support

    A live, trained webixnet Counselor receives the text and responds, all from our secure online platform. The volunteer webixnet Counselor will help you move from a hot moment to a cool moment.

    Value For Money

    – Every project is designed & developed using rapid software development using different frameworks to reduce the time & cost of the project
    – Domain expertise is available at very competitive rates
    – Development costs will be reduced by 40-50% as compared to your country
    – Preapproval of every timesheet during project executions
    – Flexible payment terms

    Project Communication

    – Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly project status report to the Client’s project manager
    – Online issue management system
    – Conference calling via VOIP or Skype
    – Desktop sharing & online test server availability

    Meet Our Team Members

    Sagar Shubham J

    Founder (CEO)

    Mayuri Pansare

    Co-Founder & Sr. Developer

    Ritesh Swami

    Sr. Developer & Marketing Head


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    Digital Target Marketing offers a broad range of online services from retail branding and shopping cart development, to email & mobile marketing. With state-of-the-art reporting, site analytics, & build-a-brand testing, we can track where every penny is best spent along with where your campaign is succeeding & where it needs a lift.

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